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Events Calendar


Jun 26, 2022

The BLEND Sundays

Group Description The Blend brings Jr. High and High School students together with a diverse group of fun loving leaders for rich, fun-filled Sunday and Wednesday groups. Our Wednesdays (or Blendsdays as we call them) offer fun and community, and are taking place virtually for now. Every Sunday (in person) we offer worship, games, teaching, and small group discussions. These discussions are where the real impact is made in our students’ lives. This is where real relationships are truly made.…
Jul 1, 2022

The Blend Youth’s Movie Night

Since March 4th, our youth group has been taking the first Friday of each month to watch through the Harry Potter movies! These movie nights are a time set aside for the youth to hang out and relax without expectation of a sermon or a set schedule of games or activities. We will have popcorn and drinks provided but other snacks besides that won’t be guaranteed, so plan accordingly! If you have any questions, contact our Youth Director, Kelsey