We meet to discover the way of Jesus, to connect in community, and to explore together ways we can serve one another and others. Lastly, we are committed to true Biblical understanding that leads us to engage our minds, transform our lives, and respond in loving ways.

We love Jesus and desire to follow his teachings with authenticity. We are a close-knit community that is creative in nature and consider ourselves a safe place for asking questions about faith and life. We have a collaborative leadership team that shares the responsibility of serving the spiritual needs of all who attend our church. We are committed to true Biblical understanding that can help shape our lives and impact our society in practical, genuine and loving ways.


Liminal Church of Ventura welcomes all who are interested in learning about Jesus, all who are growing in faith, and all who are questioning what faith means to them. Together we focus on what it means to love God and to love our neighbors in today’s world.

OUR MISSION: [Where Are We Going?]
To be transformed by God and respond with action that brings Shalom to our world, our community, and to those around us.

OUR VISION: [How Do We Get There?]
To facilitate our mission, we offer:
• Sunday Morning Meetings
(includes contemporary worship, prayer, connection, building relationships, and relevant, challenging messages presented by a member of our Teaching Team)
• Small Groups / Small Group Discussions
(a variety of small groups are available, including scripture-based studies, book groups, social justice/racial reconciliation groups, and other subjects of interest)
• Resources for Spiritual Formation
(contemplative practices, Enneagram and other classes, mini-retreats, and more)
• Special Events and Programs
(i.e., Alpha, community and global outreach, conferences, theater company, contemporary issue discussions)

OUR VALUES: [What Is Important To Us?]
Study: We pursue Christ by wrestling with Scripture and questions of life and faith. We believe that life is full of complex questions that take us beyond simple answers.
Spiritual Formation: As we study the way of Jesus, our lives reflect his life and teachings.
Acceptance: All are welcome here. We are committed to open and honest conversations.
Creativity: We embrace the artist and promote the arts.
Collaboration: Jesus is the head of the church. Together, we share the responsibility for his church. This is reflected both in our leadership model and as individuals.


We’d love to connect with you. You can click here to fill out a simple form to introduce yourself. 🙂