Latest COVID-19 Update

Latest COVID-19 Update

*NEW* We are very glad to announce that we now have a couple videos available on our YouTube channel of our resident doctor, Dr. James Hermann, giving helpful tips and information about COVID-19, and we encourage you to check those out by clicking here. Stay tuned for more videos weekly.

Ventura Liminal family and friends, 

We sincerely hope you are all doing well in mind, body, and soul during this crisis.
Here are some reminders, as well as an update.


• If you are in need during this time, whether that is a financial need because you’ve been unable to work due to COVID-19, or because you are high-risk and unable to leave your home to pick up items from the grocery store, please let us know. You can do so by emailing us at Our Care Team is available to try to meet those needs for you. 

• If you’d like to help those who are struggling financially, we appreciate your compassion and willingness to help. A Covid-19 Community Care fund has been set up. You can donate to that fund here.

• If you would like someone to pray with you, you can either email us ( with your prayer requests, or you can submit prayer requests through the Ventura Liminal app. Once we receive your request, we will set up a time to call you. Please reach out in this way if you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, lonely, or worried. You are not alone. 

• Again, we as a church community are not meeting physically at our building, but we have an online service happening via YouTube Premiere each Sunday at 10:00am PDT. Click here to go to the Ventura Liminal YouTube channel. Once the video begins, you will have the ability to chat with others who are watching, which can be very meaningful for those who want to connect with one another. If you find the chat distracting, you can turn it off by simply expanding the video to full-screen – this will hide the chat.

Now for an update regarding Easter. Unfortunately, and as you may have already guessed given the climate of this virus, the in-person Holy Week events and the Sunrise Service will not take place. This includes 7 Last Words, Maundy Thursday, Blues Friday, and, of course, the Sunrise Service at Harbor Cove Beach. This decision was made with a heavy heart, as these events have become a tradition that many look forward to each year. However, please be encouraged – because these events are such an important part of our spiritual tradition, the Teaching Team plans to provide short videos for you to engage with for each of these days. Please “like” our Facebook Page to tune in to videos on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of Holy Week, in which various members of the Team will share something with you. The Sunrise Service will come in the form of a podcast episode, which you can listen to at any time, but we suggest listening to it as you watch the sun rise on Easter morning from your yard, a nearby park, or even the beach. 

Please join us (online) at 10:00am for the Easter service, available on our YouTube channel. Together we will praise the resurrection of Jesus and celebrate the life we have in and through him!

We know this isn’t the ideal way to celebrate Easter – we all want to celebrate together, in person. It’s easy to feel a lack of unity when we are physically separated from one another, and the isolation can weigh heavily on us. But take heart, for it is only for a season. We will worship together (in person) soon enough, and it will be all the sweeter for having been away from each other. Additionally, let us be glad that we live in an age that allows us to talk with each other, and even see one another, even if only virtually.

Again, please reach out to us if you are in need of resources or prayer. Let us serve you through this crisis.

Grace and peace,
The Ventura Liminal Leadership Team