Sunday Services Online Only

Sunday Services Online Only

As we’ve continued to monitor the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, we believe it would be wise and responsible to meet online only for now.

We are basing this decision on the Ventura County data as published at and The most recent numbers for Ventura County have the 7-day average of new positive cases at 2,113 (it was 111 one month ago, a 19x increase) and Covid positive hospitalizations up to 282 (it was 50 a month before, a 5.6x increase). Hopefully this will be a short-lived spike and we can get back to meeting in person soon; we will keep you updated as things move forward, including sharing what data we are looking at to determine criteria for resuming in person meetings.

How our online services will look:
We are going to try something new, rather than going back to our online video services. It seemed it was difficult for many in our church to feel connected on a Sunday morning as we watched a video together on YouTube. 

Beginning this Sunday, our services will be via Zoom. You will use the same link we have been using for our Post-Service Conversation Zoom calls: The service will begin right at 10:00am PT, and will be the same format as our in-person services (a time of worship through music, a few announcements from our Service Host, a message from one of our Teachers, followed by another time of worship through music). 

Please note, the service will be recorded, so that people who are unable to attend at 10:00am are able to watch/listen later. If you would not like to have your face appear in that recording, feel free to turn your camera off. 

We will continue to have our Post-Service Zoom calls afterward on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, for anyone who would like to discuss the sermon. As we will all already be on a Zoom call, this Conversation will take place in a separate Zoom “room”. Others who want to talk but not participate in the Post-Service Conversation are welcome to stay in the original “room” to continue chatting. 

Our Youth Group (The Blend) is, for the time being, meeting on Sundays at noon via Zoom. Contact Kelsey for more information about that, by emailing her at “Blendsdays” will also likely move to Zoom. Again, contact Kelsey for any questions regarding Blend meetings and to receive the link to the call.

We recommend getting our app and turning on notifications, as this will be the quickest way to receive updates regarding our future Sunday morning services. 

Thanks for understanding and continuing to work with us through all this. We hope this will only be for a short time. If there are questions you have or ways that we can support you please let us know at

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