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200 Coat Project

Hey folks, here is a way to pay it forward! Do you have any jackets in your closet that you don’t wear? Wouldn’t you like to donate them to people who really need them?  #200CoatProject, sponsored by the Filipino Community of Ventura, collects jackets and distributes them to those in need every Fall. This year we have the opportunity to partner with them for their #200CoatProject and donate our extra jackets to those in need. Any size is welcome, from…

Meaning of “Liminal”

lim·i·nal/ˈlimənl/adjective We are a church where people can come to explore their faith, deconstruct and reconstruct their faith, embrace or wrestle with skepticism, ask questions, and begin to rebuild that faith. And we understand that answering these questions is not a simple thing, and sometimes we just have to sit in the mystery of it. In 2021 when we knew it was time to undergo a name change from “Ventura Vineyard” to something new, we wanted a name that reflected…

Prayer & Care

Our Prayer Team helps you to connect with God at your point of need – we faithfully pray for each request that is submitted. Our Care Team is here for you to help you with tangible needs. Both of these are vitally important in life. We know times can get very tough. We’re here to help!

Practicing Mental Health in Isolation

Written by Karyn Noel, MA, AMFT, APCC, a member of the Liminal Church of Ventura community. Skip down to the *** for those of you in the TL;DR boat. No shame.  Working in mental health, one of the most common concerns I hear voiced by my peers these days is the impact of isolation on our mental wellbeing. As we get more information, we’re getting a good handle on how to stay safe from the virus; but like any treatment,…