Jared Bangs

My name is Jared Bangs. I was born here in Ventura and have lived here for most of my life, aside from a few brief stints in New Zealand and Hawaii. I have been happily married to my wife Martha since 1995, and we have three amazing adult kids. I am a software developer professionally, and I enjoy board games and other (non-derogatorily) “nerd” hobbies.

I helped plant and lead worship at a Vineyard church in Hawaii in 1996 and another church called The Bridge in Ventura in 1998. I currently also serve on the worship and tech teams at the Liminal Church of Ventura, and in doing so have grown deeply connected with the people of our church, many of whom I consider as close as family. I believe we are honest about our imperfections and in our desire to love and serve better as we grow.

If you visit Liminal Church of Ventura, I hope and believe that you will find an intellectually honest, emotionally supportive, and spiritually engaging environment in which you can become part of a community that seeks to authentically live into the faith that we hold.

Jeff Ham
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