Liminal Kids

Nursery (Infants through toddlers)

Caring volunteers let each child know they are loved and valued.

Preschool (Ages 2 through young 5s)

Through the use of  games, activities, stories and worship, children learn that God loves them unconditionally. “First Look” curriculum incites wonder, helping preschoolers embrace a God who is bigger than their imagination.

Elementary (Kindergarten through 5th grade)

Currently, children in this age group work with the teacher to help in the pre-
school class. As this ministry area grows, elementary age children will move to a
new classroom and use the 252 Basics curriculum. This fun, interactive curriculum
is designed to help children grow in their relationship with God as well as each

Check In

Parents must preregister their children before the service, including the child’s name and parent’s cell phone number. The children will remain with parents in the main room until the children are dismissed to go to the classroom. The children can either be directed to the teacher, or the parent may escort their children to the classroom.

On Contemplative Sunday:
Parents must pre-register their children, and the children will not go to the main room; they will go directly to their classroom.