Teaching Team

Teaching Team

Meet our teaching team!

Teaching Team

April-Lyn Caouette

Teaching Team

Bryan White

Gudday, I’m Bryan, I serve as a member of the Teaching Team, as a Service Host, and as an abiding member of the Fractured Actor’s Theatre Company.  My wife Katherine and I have always pursued a life of wanderlust, both before and after our 3 children grew up and moved out.  The words of author Brennan Manning have served as a personal driving force since the day I first read them – “Each Moment of our existence we are either growing…
Teaching Team Leader

Catherine Anderson

Hello. My name is Catherine Anderson. I serve as Teaching Team leader, and I am a member of the Leadership Team, as well as an occasional volunteer in Children’s Ministry. My husband Tom and I have lived in Ventura County since 1978. We have3 grown children, 8 grandchildren, and a really big dog. Therefore, I live ina perpetually messy house filled with books, paw prints, fingerprints, artprojects, toys, dirty dishes, and occasionally an unrecognizable item. We have been part of…

Gini Downing

Hello!  My name is Gini Downing, and I’ve been a member of Liminal Church of Ventura since its inception. I currently serve as a member of the pastoral team, the teaching team, and as an elder and member of the board of directors.  And, you’ll see me playing keyboards a couple times  a month as well.  My passion is in the area of Spiritual Formation.  I frequently teach classes and workshops on prayer, worship, spiritual formation, and spiritual disciplines, and…
Teaching Team

Wayne Randolph

Wayne Randolph gets called Rabbi even though he’s not a Jew. It may be the beard. Or it may be the depth of knowledge of 1st century judaism, and one particular rabbi, Jesus. This professional Christian man survived the life of a PK and has since worked in international missions, Christian education, pastoral roles, and — most notably — waitstaff at the fine establishment we all know and love as Red Lobster. Wayne is a dynamic educator and lifelong learner…