The Blend (Youth)

The Blend (Youth)

The Blend brings Jr. High and High School students together with a diverse group of fun loving leaders for rich, fun-filled Sunday and Friday groups.

Our Fridays (or Blendsdays as we call them) offer fun and community.

Every Sunday we offer worship, games, teaching, and small group discussions. These discussions are where the real impact is made in our students’ lives. This is where real relationships are truly made. We believe building these relationships and community will allow for trust and open up space for students to grow, for our community to go deeper in conversations, and ultimately (we pray) bring us all more knowledge and intimacy with our Divine Creator.

Our mission is to provide a safe space where youth can grow their faith and feel loved, accepted, heard, and valued. We desire through our teaching and community to drive and inspire creativity and critical thinking and to provide the tools necessary for students to build their faith and lives.

Also, be sure to check out the Blend’s monthly Movie Night!


Please reach out to our Youth Director, Kelsey Owen (, for any questions you may have about our youth group, or to let her know ahead of time that your Middle Schooler/High Schooler will be joining for an event.