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Events Calendar


Feb 1, 2023

REGENERATE: Scripture Studies in Pursuit of Jesus

This study is designed for challenging yet rewarding mutual discovery – perhaps re-discovery – of the Bible in a setting where we take a “beginner’s mind” approach to the continuing relevance of its words, stories, and themes. This is an excellent place to dabble or go as deep as you wish in a group committed to openness and curiosity. We’ll discuss its history, teachings, and meaning from cover to cover. At the center and throughout is an ongoing look at…
Feb 2, 2023


The inspiration of Henri JM Nouwen (pronounced “Now-in”) will be the focus of a 3-book series throughout 2023. The late Nouwen’s spirituality resonates even more today than ever for its ability to invite healing through God’s unfailing love wherever division and fragmentation are encountered. For more about Nouwen and his growing relevance more than 25 years after his death, please visit the following website: The Wounded Healer: Book & Discussion “What does it mean to be a minister in our contemporary…
Feb 3, 2023

Blend LOTR Movie Night!

Our youth group finished a journey into one magical land and are onto another! We enjoyed our Harry Potter Movie Nights so much that we are moving onto the Lord of the Rings series! We so look forward to a whole new magical and fun movie journey together. Our movie nights will be on the first Friday of the month from 6pm-9pm starting February 3rd and continuing until April 7th. We hope we will see you there! Please reach out…
Feb 4, 2023

Lectio Ladies

Group Description This women’s group focuses on community, transformation, and hearing God’s voice through the spiritual discipline of Lectio Divina (“Divine Reading” in Latin.) Ladies meditate on scripture and journal their personal experiences of hearing God through his word. Sharing with others in the group is optional, and everything shared within the group is confidential. Beginning January 7th, Lectio Ladies will meet on the first and third Saturdays of the month from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm on Zoom. This…