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Events Calendar


Sep 25, 2023

Flourishing in the Third Third of Life

Intended for retirees and those thinking about retirement, this six-session, video-based course from Fuller Seminary is “designed to help people in the third-third of life to fully & fruitfully” flourish in every dimension of our being. It is anchored in Scripture, and enriched by science and other disciplines to equip participants in this unique season. Questions for group discussion will follow the video. Deeper reflection during the week is encouraged but not required. Handouts with reflection questions will be provided.…
Sep 28, 2023

Men’s Small Group

Update 8.11.23: This group is on a brief hiatus until 8.31.23. This is a place to find likeminded men to fellowship and build into life with, through thick or thin, highs and lows. To build friendships – even brotherhood – this is the place to start. We welcome you! This group is co-led by George Meier and Stanley Perez.