Small Groups

Small Groups

Aug 3, 2021

“Psurfing” the Psalms

Spend the Summer in this relaxing, weekly space for men to connect, “grab the board” of Lectio Divina, a priceless, ancient spiritual discipline, and “swim out” to explore 8 key passages of the Psalms together. With the Holy Spirit churning the waters, be prepared for both challenge and reward as we use personal and group insights to grow into further understanding of God’s love and faithfulness. Whether new to either the Psalms or Lectio Divina, or an old-timer, adventure awaits.…
Aug 7, 2021

Lectio Ladies

Please Note: During the summer season, this group will be meeting monthly, in person. Group Description: The focus of this women’s group is community, transformation and hearing God’s voice through the Spiritual Discipline called Lectio Divina (“Divine Reading” in Latin). Often, there is a theme to the scriptures used to meditate on as ladies journal together then share their personal experiences of hearing God through His Word with the others in the group. This group is facilitated by Shayna Metzner,…
Aug 13, 2021

The Liminal Church of Ventura Enneagram Collective

PLEASE NOTE: This group will be meeting virtually until further notice, due to COVID-19. GROUP DESCRIPTION: The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal and collective transformation. Stemming from the Greek words ennea (nine) and grammos (a written symbol), the nine-pointed Enneagram symbol represents nine distinct strategies for relating to the self, others and the world. Each Enneagram type has a different pattern of thinking, feeling and acting that arises from a deeper inner motivation or worldview. Learning about these patterns fosters greater…
Aug 19, 2021

Interactive Bible Study

Update: This group is on pause until further notice. Please check back at a later date. Group Description: Bob Harper leads this interactive Bible study, in which you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about how to understand the Bible within a group of friendly people with diverse viewpoints.  This group takes place on Thursdays from 7:30pm to 8:30pm via Zoom, and is currently studying the book of Acts, specifically looking at Paul’s missionary trips.