Move Sponsorships

Welcome to our Suite J Sponsorship page!

We all have a big job ahead of us as we prepare Suite J to become the home and the hub of our community. Thanks for pitching in to make this happen!

How it works:

On this page, you can sponsor individual items, from big things like construction and tech supplies, to smaller items like plants and decor!

If you’d like to help pay towards an item instead of covering its entire cost, you can certainly do that too, by specifying the amount you’d like to pay towards the item.

Please note: what you see listed on this page are the general ideas of what we’re hoping to get, rather than the actual, specific item (e.g. brand) that we plan to get.

You can also donate toward the project as a whole if you’d prefer, rather than sponsor individual items. To do that, simply click here!

We appreciate any and all help you’re able to give. Let’s do this!