Name Change

Our Leadership Team has been discussing the idea of changing our name for years, yet reluctant to start the conversation with the community because of the financial implications (e.g. creating new signage). Now that we’re moving down a few doors, which has started a physical transformation for our community, we are thinking this would be an opportune time.

Why would this be an ideal time?

  • The idea that “Liminal Church of Ventura is moving” isn’t as appealing as the “Liminal Church of Ventura relaunched as [insert new name here] and meeting at a new location”, to our local Ventura County community.
  • We are currently in the process of establishing a new Mission, Vision, and Values for the community (which will be released soonish). A new name could commingle nicely with this other change.
  • We are building a new atmosphere with our new location, a new name change should factor into the design of that new atmosphere as much as possible.
  • If we’re buying new signs we should be certain they’re going to last.