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The Elephant in the Room

Sermon taught by Gini Downing, Service hosted by Erica Connell, Worship led by Becky Andrade, Jared Bangs, Tom Anderson, and James Dorward. Are you new? Let us know you were here: https://liminalventura.org/connectioncard One of the values of Liminal Church of Ventura is Acceptance. We believe that intentionally welcoming and accepting all into the total life and ministry of the Liminal family is just one way of living out the Mission, Vision, and Values of this church. In the desire to create a safe, nurturing…

From Paul, to Liminal Church

Sermon taught by Catherine Anderson, Service hosted by Jackie Lopez, Worship led by Chris & Ashley Gwaltney, Tom Anderson, Dan Vigna, and James Dorward. Are you new? Let us know you were here: https://liminalventura.org/connectioncard

The Move

Our New Name!

Phew. It’s not easy picking a name for a church. We asked you all to help us by submitting names and many of you did, and we really appreciate it. Most of those names highlighted some aspect that is really important to us and is either who we are or who we want to be.   The Leadership Team looked carefully at all the names submitted and through a very intentional process, we discussed the pros and cons of each…

Sponsor the Move

As you’ve probably heard by now, we’re moving! We’ll be in the same building we’ve been in for 20 years (1956 Palma Drive), but we’re moving to Suite J! While it’s true that we certainly have a lot of work to do to make Suite J into the home and the hub of our community, we’re psyched about the potential. To show you what’s needed for this project, and to provide a way for you to pitch in to make this…

Name Change

Our Leadership Team has been discussing the idea of changing our name for years, yet reluctant to start the conversation with the community because of the financial implications (e.g. creating new signage). Now that we’re moving down a few doors, which has started a physical transformation for our community, we are thinking this would be an opportune time. Why would this be an ideal time? The idea that “Liminal Church of Ventura is moving” isn’t as appealing as the “Liminal Church of Ventura relaunched…

Covid-19 Community Resources

Latest COVID-19 Update

Dear Liminal Church of Ventura Community, In the wake of the recent uptick in Covid-19 cases across the county and the many and varied opinions and guidelines in the news, we want to provide an update on our perspective and plans. Some of you may assume that we as church leaders would be pressing to simply “open the doors” again as soon as restrictions are lifted. We hope that you can pause with us to step back and see that…

Prayer & Care

Our Prayer Team helps you to connect with God at your point of need – we faithfully pray for each request that is submitted. Our Care Team is here for you to help you with tangible needs. Both of these are vitally important during this time, as the experience of COVID-19 has put a strain on our spiritual, mental, and emotional health. We’re here to help!

Practicing Mental Health in Isolation

Written by Karyn Noel, MA, AMFT, APCC, a member of the Liminal Church of Ventura community. Skip down to the *** for those of you in the TL;DR boat. No shame.  Working in mental health, one of the most common concerns I hear voiced by my peers these days is the impact of isolation on our mental wellbeing. As we get more information, we’re getting a good handle on how to stay safe from the virus; but like any treatment,…

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