200 Coat Project

Hey folks, here is a way to pay it forward! Do you have any jackets in your closet that you don’t wear? Wouldn’t you like to donate them to people who really need them? 

#200CoatProject, sponsored by the Filipino Community of Ventura, collects jackets and distributes them to those in need every Fall. This year we have the opportunity to partner with them for their #200CoatProject and donate our extra jackets to those in need.

Any size is welcome, from infant/toddler to XXXL. 

All you have to do is bring the coats to Liminal Church in the next couple weeks and place them in the labeled box in the lobby. 

Please make sure the jackets are in reasonable condition and clean!

The jackets will be picked up on November 5, so let’s start digging through our closets right away and fill that box to overflowing!