Kelsey Owen

Hey Friends I’m Kelsey Owen, Youth Director here at Liminal Church of Ventura! I get the honor of heading up our team of wise and caring leaders as we love, teach, and pour time into our church’s young people. Our group is called “The Blend” because we’re not only a lovely mix of different personalities, but we also serve both middle school and high school students and love getting to see the age groups mix and learn together.  

About me: Liminal Church of Ventura has been my home for 5 years now and I’m so thankful for the winding, divine journey that brought me here. I’ll happily share that journey over coffee and would love to hear your story as well. I’m currently in school for my Master’s, so stories and coffee are especially welcome in this season! ASL is my second language, so you’ll often catch me signing or sharing about my love for the Deaf Community and Deaf Culture. I’m passionate about education and inclusion because I deeply believe everyone has a seat at the Kingdom table. Oh, and another notable passion of mine is musical theatre. I’m a hardcore nerd about it and will quote musicals whenever given the chance. 

I’ve been truly blessed by the culture of belonging and embracing mystery here at Liminal Church of Ventura, and I seek and pray for that to also be our culture in The Blend. We desire for each student to know they are loved, welcomed, and accepted by our leadership and more importantly by their Creator. I know I’m biased, but I feel I have the best group of leaders and intelligent, witty, gifted students. Seriously, they’re the best and I don’t know how I even call this a job when they bring such joy to my life. Come join us in the fun! 

Denise Randolph