Shane Claiborne Pt 2

Shane Claiborne Pt 2

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Sermon taught by Wayne Randolph,

Service hosted by Martha Bangs,

Worship led by Chris Gwaltney.

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So, we got a nice little second dose of Shane Claiborne (a booster, perhaps?)! Pretty sweet! Thanks, Wayne, for sharing his video and letting us hear his insights directly.

Did you get a chance to listen? Were there thoughts that stuck out to you? Maybe, it was the idea that Jesus shared his message through fascination not force? And the sobering take away that maybe our Christianity has become less and less fascinating. That we’re more interested in excluding rather than including. In making sure people know what we’re against rather than what we are for. Reducing Christianity to a doctrinal statement rather than emulating Jesus, the true embodiment of love.

But, what if Jesus really meant the things he said? So complexly simple, so infuriatingly basic. “What you do for the least of these, you do for me.” Fleshing out this divine love. And what if living through this pandemic season can remind us of this need for embodiment. Of becoming attuned to the pain and suffering of others. Of learning to join with Jesus in this divine solidarity. Tough, beautiful, challenging words to ponder.