Ignatius In Five Words

Ignatius In Five Words

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Sermon taught by Gini Downing,

Service hosted by Jeff Ham,

Worship led by Tom Anderson, Gini Downing, Kathy White.

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In this sermon, we get a little reminder of unconditional love and the idea of finding God in all thing courtesy of Ignatius. Gini shared about this cannonball-scarred saint, who went from high society to living in a cave to helping found a religious order. And, it’s kind of reassuring to know, that even someone like that wrestled with feeling like a failure and wondering if he had missed his call.

But in the midst of the wrestling and wandering, Ignatius was learning how to see God in all aspects of life. To recognize the movements of the divine woven throughout his day. And then developing methods of contemplation to help others, even regular folks like us with a day job and outside commitments, to find a few moments to review our day and start to recognize ways that we are moving toward God and spiritual freedom or away from God.