Becky Andrade

Becky Andrade, Liminal Church Office Administrator I aspire to serve the Liminal Church staff, teaching team, and leadership team giving them my best self, and to continue with my growth in knowing our Father by developing a deeper relationship through Prayer, Worship, conversation and being present on Sunday morning. Since I started attending church in March, 2009 Easter Sunrise Service, my relationship with the God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit has grown and continues to grow.  I’m honored to be part…

Gini Downing

Hello!  My name is Gini Downing, and I’ve been a member of Liminal Church of Ventura since its inception. I currently serve as a member of the pastoral team, the teaching team, and as an elder and member of the board of directors.  And, you’ll see me playing keyboards a couple times  a month as well.  My passion is in the area of Spiritual Formation.  I frequently teach classes and workshops on prayer, worship, spiritual formation, and spiritual disciplines, and…