Gini Downing

Hello!  My name is Gini Downing, and I’ve been a member of Liminal Church of Ventura since its inception. I currently serve as a member of the pastoral team, the teaching team, and as an elder and member of the board of directors.  And, you’ll see me playing keyboards a couple times  a month as well.  My passion is in the area of Spiritual Formation.  I frequently teach classes and workshops on prayer, worship, spiritual formation, and spiritual disciplines, and…
Teaching Team

Wayne Randolph

Wayne Randolph gets called Rabbi even though he’s not a Jew. It may be the beard. Or it may be the depth of knowledge of 1st century judaism, and one particular rabbi, Jesus. This professional Christian man survived the life of a PK and has since worked in international missions, Christian education, pastoral roles, and — most notably — waitstaff at the fine establishment we all know and love as Red Lobster. Wayne is a dynamic educator and lifelong learner…