Community Resources

Prayer & Care

Our Prayer Team helps you to connect with God at your point of need – we faithfully pray for each request that is submitted. Our Care Team is here for you to help you with tangible needs. Both of these are vitally important in life. We know times can get very tough. We’re here to help!

Practicing Mental Health in Isolation

Written by Karyn Noel, MA, AMFT, APCC, a member of the Liminal Church of Ventura community. Skip down to the *** for those of you in the TL;DR boat. No shame.  Working in mental health, one of the most common concerns I hear voiced by my peers these days is the impact of isolation on our mental wellbeing. As we get more information, we’re getting a good handle on how to stay safe from the virus; but like any treatment,…

Benevolence Fund Request

For the people of Liminal: If you or a close friend or family member are in need of financial assistance, please feel free to fill this out and submit it. We’d like to try to help you however we can. After your request has been received, a decision should be reached in 10 business days or less. We understand that timing is important to you, so every effort will be made to reach a decision and communicate to you as…