Ashley Gwaltney

Ashley Gwaltney

Hiya, my name is Ashley Gwaltney, and I take care of the media here at Liminal Church of Ventura.

Little bit about me: I was born and raised in the East Valley of Arizona and lived there until 2013 when my husband and I moved to Ventura. Not a bad swap, to be honest. I do not miss the heat – or the beige! We really love it here. We have one beloved little son who was born in 2022.

When I have spare time (a rare gem these days!) my hobbies include reading, baking, gardening, and painting/crafting. You can follow my art on Instagram @worthymadepaper.

I absolutely love Liminal – I know no other community quite like it. It’s lovely to be with a group of people who are sincerely seeking a relationship with our Creator, without judging or being judged about where in that journey we, or those around us, are. It’s an extremely inviting and encouraging group of people, and I welcome you whole-heartedly to come visit and learn alongside us.

Pastor Emeritus, retired
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