Why I Go to Church

The Trajectory of Presence

Sermon taught by Wayne Randolph Service hosted by Kathy Navarro Sochel Worship led by Jared Bangs, Rachael Lynde, and Tom Anderson Video produced by Jared Bangs Post-Service Zoom Meeting: http://liminalventura.org/zoom COVID-19 Resources: http://liminalventura.org/covid19/ Are you new? Let us know you were here: http://liminalventura.org/connectioncard Download our app: http://liminalventura.org/our-app/ Visit our website: http://liminalventura.org/

A Homecoming for Eternal Life

“A Homecoming for Eternal Life” Why I go to Church Service hosted by Jeremey Kinser Worship led by Jared Bangs, Rachel Lynde, Tom Anderson, Kelsey Owen (ASL) Sermon taught by Richard Sochel Video produced by Dan Cameron