Sermons from February 2022

Sermons from February 2022

Contemplative Sunday – Lent

Lent message presented by Catherine Anderson, Service hosted by Jeff Ham, Music played by James Dorward, Communion presented by Gini Downing, and served by Jen and James Hermann. Are you new? Let us know you were here:

C. S. Lewis

Sermon taught by Bryan White, Service hosted by Jeremey Kinser, Worship led by James Dorward, Christina Fabbro, Chris Gwaltney, , Rachael Lynde, Kelsey Owen. Are you new? Let us know you were here: If you take some heady British education, mix it with a heaping dose of life experience and add a long, meditative trip in a motorcycle sidecar then the only logical outcome is talking lions and bus rides from heaven to hell. Well, maybe not the only logical outcome. But it seemed…

Ignatius In Five Words

Sermon taught by Gini Downing, Service hosted by Jeff Ham, Worship led by Tom Anderson, Gini Downing, Kathy White. Are you new? Let us know you were here: In this sermon, we get a little reminder of unconditional love and the idea of finding God in all thing courtesy of Ignatius. Gini shared about this cannonball-scarred saint, who went from high society to living in a cave to helping found a religious order. And, it’s kind of reassuring to know, that even someone…

Shane Claiborne Pt 2

Sermon taught by Wayne Randolph, Service hosted by Martha Bangs, Worship led by Chris Gwaltney. Are you new? Let us know you were here: So, we got a nice little second dose of Shane Claiborne (a booster, perhaps?)! Pretty sweet! Thanks, Wayne, for sharing his video and letting us hear his insights directly. Did you get a chance to listen? Were there thoughts that stuck out to you? Maybe, it was the idea that Jesus shared his message through fascination not force? And…